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Garance nejnižší ceny
Do 12 let ubytování a strava zdarma
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Do 12 let ubytování a strava zdarma

updated: 05. 07. 2021

Dear Guests,

from July 3, our guests can arrive without a protection certificate!

Foreign guests can also use the hotel services without any restrictions or protection certification checks. In their case, the Covid certificate is only checked at the border crossing.

Contact us with confidence and take care of yourself!

What won't changed
•    the superb environment,
•    the noticeable cleanliness,
•    the family atmosphere established by our employees and
•    our dishes of outstanding quality.

Strict hygienic procedures have been established:
•    particular attention is paid to the cleaning and disinfecting of social spaces,
•    whenever required by their position, our colleagues wear gloves throughout their work shifts,
•    five new hand sanitizers have been installed in guests spaces and work areas,

Things that have changed – in our shared interest:
•    We await you with a buffet breakfast and a buffet dinner or a 4-course dinner combined with a buffet, but to avoid tumult, meals are arranged in 2 shifts and at the entrance of the restaurant we will stop you and wait for you to sit down at a tidy, freshly disinfected table
•    on arrival we are waiting for you with a disinfected room, which from now on will belong to you, no one will enter the room during your stay. If cleaning, linen or towel changes are requested, please let the reception know
•    we have also supplemented our noon soup offers with additional free dishes (one-course meals, stews, pastas)
•    however, the salt cave on the 6th floor is temporarily out of order

We await your return as we offer good-quality services and safety! In the name of our colleagues and ourselves, we kindly thank you for your trust and support!

Mária and György Bartha