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Best price guaranteed
Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food
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Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food

2 + 1 Sure-Fire Opportunities for a Budget-Friendly Stay at Hotel Lövér

May. 10. 2019
2 + 1 Sure-Fire Opportunities for a Budget-Friendly Stay at Hotel Lövér

We’re offering no blind bargains – instead, we’d like everyone to benefit from our discounted offers that make their stay in Sopron cheaper in the heart of the Lövér pine-forests. We’re offering and featuring a range of discounts for You, which aren’t for a fixed period, allowing you to count on promotions for a longer period of time.

One of these opportunities is the possibility of joining our Frequent Guest Club and enjoying its benefits, whilst the other is a guaranteed discount percentage available for direct bookings, whilst the plus 1 sure-fire offer actually consists of a list of free services available at the hotel. Ready for our tour of discounts? Care to join us?
It’s Great to be a Frequent Guest!
Every day, we encounter Frequent Guest programs, point-collecting cards and systems, yet trust us when we say that the Lövér Frequent Guest Club is something entirely different. It’s simply great! There are no conditions for joining the club, allowing you to join the Frequent Guests of Hotel Lövér even from your first stay, enjoying the countless benefits of your membership. There’s no need to collect points, wait long periods and make a great number of hotel bookings in order to make use of your points. We offer percentage-based discounts for Lövér Frequent Guests immediately after joining the club:
•    25 % discount from our daily room prices and
•    15 % discount from our package offers valid throughout the year,
•    10 % discount from our holiday and vacation offers for previously determined periods.

Another important aspect is that the daily room prices and package offers require no advance payments and the booking can be cancelled without a fee until 12:00 noon on the day before arrival.

In the case of holiday packages, there is no special protocol for handling advance payments and cancellations, as these are special periods, yet Lövér Frequent Guests can still count on receiving a 10% discount.
Naturally, a Frequent Guest Club membership involves subscribing to a newsletter, which allows us to send You promotions through the popular digital channel of today’s online world, which are only for Frequent Guests for the low-booked periods of the hotel.

Are there any prerequisites? Only 3 conditions must be fulfilled for Lövér Frequent Guests for enjoy the above-listed advantages:

•    direct booking: accommodation and hotel services must always be ordered and booked directly through the hotel, not through booking agencies! Direct bookings can be arranged through the website, via the +36-99-888-400 phone number, the e-mail address or in person at the hotel.
•    number of booked rooms: Lövér Frequent Guests can book 2 rooms at the most at the same time, for the same period, if they are personally present for the duration of the stay.
•    Lövér Frequent Guest discounts cannot be combined with other promotions!
Direct Booking Instant Discount
Some are loyal to a hotel and love becoming Frequent Guests and enjoying the financial aspects of such loyalty. The Lövér Frequent Guest Program is designed for their needs. Others, however, aren’t interested in becoming regular guests and they might be visiting the Lövér Hotel of Sopron for the first time. Hotel Lövér has discounts tailored for their needs as well, providing an instant 5% discount for booking their room directly through the hotel. Direct bookings can be arranged in person, over the phone, via email or through the hotel’s website.
Free Hotel Services
If You choose Hotel Lövér as the site of your stay, you can be sure to receive much more than accommodation and meals. Parking, Wi-Fi, front desk safes and luggage storage are just a handful of our classic services offered free of charge. As a special treat for our guests, the hotel’s restaurant offers a free soup lunch at noon, whilst the more adventurous can take part in guided tours several times a week. Nordic Walking poles are also available through the reception, free of charge. Guests can also freely use the wellness island, pool space, Finnish saunas and fitness gym, as well as taking part in group exercise activities. The hotel’s recreational grounds include a playground for the youngsters, along with garden chess, table tennis and comfortable deckchairs for adults, without any extra surcharges.

Considering all the above-listed discounts, you surely agree that Hotel Lövér offers a range of budget-friendly vacation opportunities for everyone.