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3 miracle cures against spring fatigue

Feb. 05. 2018
3 miracle cures against spring fatigue

Why do we feel exhausted when spring sets in? Is it due to some illness or just a lack of vitamins? Perhaps a sense of bloating, listlessness and constant sleepiness?

The explanation lies in the change of seasons and the solution is rather straightforward. It’s not hard to get over this winter passivity and adopt the rhythm of the stirring spring nature. Take our advice and see for yourself that the Lövér woodlands can be a miracle cure for spring fatigue.

1.    Head out to the forest!
Sunshine, fresh air and exercise! The right blend of natural surroundings can provide you with everything you need: Vitamin D, happiness hormones, reinvigorating exercise and stress relief. The pure, crisp air can help purge toxins.

2.    Pay attention to what’s on your plate!
The era of greasy, heavy dishes is over and it’s time to please your body with easily digestible vegetables and fruits. The vitamins, minerals and trace elements they contain can replenish everything lost over the winter. A little dieting can’t hurt – try going without bread, sweets and chocolate for a while. Eat several times a day, yet in smaller portions!

3.    Water, water, water!
Make sure you drink more liquids than usual, especially mineral or spring water!
Nearly 80% of our body consists of water, which is of vital importance. Water is needed for many things: the joints, the purging of excreta and unnecessary sodium, speeding up your metabolism, circulation, the mobilization of fat, preventing dehydration, stabilizing muscle tone, hydrating the skin surface and tissues, transferring nutrients and maintaining body temperature…

At Hotel Lövér, all of these miracle cures are within arm’s reach, including the forest, spring water, diets and juice fasts. If these are rounded out with a good night’s sleep, saunas and jacuzzis, a visit to the salt cave and a body massage or two, your spring fatigue is sure to vanish without a trace!


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