A brief history of Hotel Lövér

Apr. 18. 2016
A brief history of Hotel Lövér

A brief history of Hotel Lövér

How did the former hut turn into one of the most well-known hotels of the country?

In the late 19th century, the first resorts were established in the vicinity of thermal springs, since if tourists wished to visit a bathing spot, they typically travelled to Lake Balaton or the shores of the Adriatic. Following World War I, the new borders hindered these visits, which increased the value of Lake Balaton, Mátra Mountains and the surroundings of Sopron. Our settlement was in the fortunate situation of being able to offer diverse pastimes for the lovers of natural as well as man-made sites.

Established in 1903, the Transdanubian Tourism Association (Dunántúli Turista Egyesület - DTE) served the flourishing of the tourism industry, which it considered it to be its main task. The association established a hut at Asztalfő prior to the referendum of 1921, which was located along the road to one of the favoured sites of the people of Sopron, the Forchtenstein Castle and the Rosalia mountains.
In 1924, the Tourist Association constructed the toboggan run on the slopes of Károlymagaslat, establishing a hut at the foot of the piste. With the help of the city, the donations gathered over the following years and the assistance of the spirited president of the Sopron City Improvement Association, Károly Heimler, the building was later expanded into a tourist lodge. Inaugurated on 12 June 1927, it was named after the president of the DTE, Ferenc Hatvan. The building was also home to an inn, with the intention of making returns on the association's sizable financial investment.
Prior to World War II, the site was further expanded on two occasions, first with a wooden hip-roof structure featuring a façade overlooking the city, which well suited the forest surroundings, and secondly a modern hotel wing on the western edge of the building erected in 1935. This was designed by architect Oszkár Winkler.
In 1965, according to the plans of Dénes Perczel (KÖZTI), the Fenyves Hotel was built on the site of the former tourist lodge, specifically with the intention of serving the stirring tourism, which was subsequently complemented with additional structures in 1982, based on the plans of Gábor Winkler. Following its expansion, this building was later renamed as Hotel Lövér.

Mihály Kubinszky: Tourism establishments in the Lővér hills