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Best price guaranteed
Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food
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Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food

Daily routine during the fast

Jun. 23. 2017
Daily routine during the fast

What do I do if I get hungry? What am I going to do all day long? Can I handle it? These questions will surely come up if this is the first time you’re fasting.

However, there is no reason to be alarmed since the daily schedule of fasting has been developed at the Lövér over decades to facilitate your inner processes:

-    Meal schedule:
o    8 - 9 am freshly squeezed fruit juice
o    noon - 1 pm vegetable soup fast
o    5 pm - 6 pm vegetable soup fast
o    herbal fasting tea mixtures during the day at the tea bar
o    water heater and filter tea available in the rooms
o    2 litres of mineral water per day

-    The use of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is recommended in the morning. Colon cleansing is part of the detoxifying cure!

-    The alternating cold-warm whole body Kneipp dousing bath is a real wake up call for the body and soul alike. It improves circulation and tightens the skin.

-    Exercise: morning exercise, aqua Zumba, Nordic walking, yoga, woodland strolls - multiple workouts should be introduced during the day to exercise the muscles during the fast.

-    During meals, the soup and juices should always be sipped and drank at a calm, leisurely tempo. Make sure you provide ample time for meals and enjoy every mouthful! This is a habit worth keeping in the future!

-    Quiet rest is recommended after meals with a hot water bottle placed on the stomach as a liver pack.

-    Participants may take part in massages in the morning and afternoon hours, with appointments provided at the reception upon arrival.

-    Go to bed early in the evening and avoid any exciting films or books and instead relax or go for a walk before sleeping!