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Did you know that the Lővér hills of Sopron are a climatic health resort?

May. 14. 2018
Did you know that the Lővér hills of Sopron are a climatic health resort?

Thanks to the composition of the forests of Sopron and the continuous flow of cool mountain air from the Alps, Sopron has long been known for its famous medical properties.

The sub-alpine climate has made the Lövér hills of Sopron, at an elevation of 214.5 meters above sea level, an officially certified climatic health-resort with plenty of sunshine and air rich in ozone. These climatic factors are highly important for us as they mobilize the inner reserves of the body and boost its adaptability. They also help overcome pathological conditions and reduce mental and physical exhaustion.

Enjoy and take in the sensation!

Respiration is our most important bodily function. Air flows through our nose, mouth, pharynx and larynx, down the trachea and on to the lungs, from where red blood cells carry it throughout the body.
It’s important to do breathing exercises properly! Only in moderation and in a gentle manner and good rhythm, without any effort! Never with a full stomach, in a noisy place or in a hurry. Do them the intended way in order to provide for the physical and mental refreshment of the body! You can do them lying down or standing up, what counts is to do them in a state of relaxation and mental calm. Strive to move the diaphragm consciously and experience and enjoy every breath you take!

Dr. Air is in session...

They realized as early as in the 19th century that not only is the local climate good for respiratory diseases, but also for those suffering from heart and circulatory diseases. The French physician Terrain established walking paths of various difficulty in the forests surrounding the city, which assist the rehabilitation of patients with cardiac conditions to this very day. A woodland school was established in the Manninger house of Sopronbánfalva in 1918. University lecturer and surgeon professor Dr. Vilmos Manninger donated the family’s summer home to Sopron in memory of his father, Dr. Adolf Manninger in 1917. The donor’s request was to establish a woodland school on the site for underdeveloped, 6-14 year-old children with a tendency for tuberculosis. The institution was named the Manninger-house Sopron Woodland School. According to the statistics from 1936, the building could simultaneously house 18 boys and 18 girls. In 1960, on the site of the former Gruber hotel, they established a nursing home for children with heart disease. Many families move to Sopron at the recommendation of their physician, hoping for the recovery of their children coping with asthma or allergies.

“Life is breathing. In Hungarian, this word refers to more than just the air and is also reminiscent of the concept of the soul. If possible, breathe in nature, deeper and more consciously every day.
The positive effect is sure to change your mood.”  (Dr. Endre Dicsöfi)


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