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Here’s how to spend 4 days in the Lövérek Hills!

Sep. 09. 2019
Here’s how to spend 4 days in the Lövérek Hills!

Are 4 days too many or too few to spend in the Lövérek Hills of Sopron? What are two whole weekends good for in the middle of a sprawling forest at the very top of the city of Sopron, steeped in historical sites and legends?

We can only confirm that indeed, 4 days is not enough to see everything! Sometimes, it can prove to be the ideal length for a stay as four days spent in every season offer sheer variety that is great to indulge and results in one slowly, yet surely becoming a frequent guest.

Let’s first look at the activities not to be missed that one should devote some time to during every stay when coming as a couple or enjoying a restful stay as a senior citizen:

-    Discovering the hotel wellness island: it feels great to go swimming at all hours of the day, getting a water jet massage in the jacuzzi, sweating it out in the sauna and unwinding and giving in to relaxation on a comfortable deckchair.
-    The joy of exercise: a morning workout in the garden and aquatic gymnastics in the pool are all part of the Lövér daily routine, which is worth joining not just for the pleasures of exercising, but also the great atmosphere! Then pick up a Nordic Walking pole and head out into the forest!
-    Enjoying some long-awaited me-time in the wellness centre: for the sake of your physical and mental state of balance and health, you can choose from a wide range of massages, body packs, cosmetic treatments, salt cave relaxation, manicures or pedicures and trust yourself to the care of skilled experts for a few hours. You can even experience wellness treatments based on magical Dead Sea ingredients or the elemental force of Hévíz mud multiple times a day. Rejuvenation – check!
-    Sweet pampering: turn your afternoon coffee in the spacious lobby into a feast and make sure to choose a delicious pastry with your coffee! Indulge in lavish meals and enjoy a few glasses of Sopron wine with your dinner along with some lively discussions at the table or in the armchairs next to the huge windows!
-    Woodland strolls around the hotel: whether you head right through the gate of the hotel grounds or left towards the sanatorium, a daily woodland stroll literally serves your health in Sopron. Take a deep breath of the climatic curative air, here and now and spend as much time as you can in the crystal-clear alpine air!
-    Stroll through Sopron: no matter how many times you’ve been to Sopron, make sure you experience the atmosphere of the cobblestone streets, sample some delicious ice cream and take in the stunning views of the majestic Fire Tower. Perhaps you have a favourite site for some delicious Sopron spritzers or a popular outdoor terrace where you can sit and gaze into the distance? Then seek it out for a half hour or more!

Our senior guests won’t have to worry about how to spend their 4 days either. During their hotel stay, they can enjoy all the pleasures the Lövérek Hills has to offer. This includes playing cards for hours on end at the lobby, doing crossword puzzles or reading a good book. They can take a close look at the lovely vegetation and go for a walk at least twice a day, happily participating in aquatic gymnastics in the pool and having a nap after lunch. They are clearly in no rush and are having the time of their life.
4 days in the Lövérek Hills of Sopron offers a meaningful stay – time, precious, deliciously slow time in which one can partake in the experience of spotting a squirrel or listening to the morning birdsong while the weather decides if the day is spent in the pool or in the lush natural surroundings. The possibilities are endless – so make sure you make the most of your stay in the Lövérek Hills!