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Hop on a bike! Recommended routes for cycling

May. 14. 2018
Hop on a bike! Recommended routes for cycling

As the spring arrives, more and more cyclists decide to hit the road in order to discover various destinations by bicycle.

lakeside surroundings are particularly popular, as it’s a gorgeous and liberating experience to take in the glittering surfaces while gliding along the bicycle paths. Apart from our famous and popular Transdanubian lakes – Lake Balaton and Velence – Lake Fertő is distinguished by its unique flora and fauna as well as its location, as the majority of the lake is in Austria. Wonderfully constructed bicycle paths, quaint settlements and beaches dot the lakeside. It’s easy to choose from the range of bicycle paths of various lengths and difficulty when looking for a tour that suits your level of physical fitness and time at disposal. When choosing to forgo completing the entire 130-kilometer circuit, visitors can take a shortcut with the Mörbisch-Illmitz ferry on the Austrian side, thus cutting the distance down to 68 kilometers, yet still witnessing the essence of the experience.
Not only can we head in the direction of Lake Fertő from Sopron, but also the nearby Burgeland offers a number of engaging regions and castles worthy of a visit. Any direction can prove to be rewarding when setting out from Sopron on a bike tour in order to gain insights into this incredibly charming border region.
In the following, we offer three options in three possible directions:

The classic tour which can be completed every year: Sopron - Rust

Route: Sopron, Deák tér – Tómalom u. – Fertőrákos – Mörbisch (Fertőmeggyes) – via the B10 bicycle path Rust (Ruszt) – St. Margarethen (Szentmargitbánya) – Pan European Picnic Monument Park – Sopronkőhida – Tómalom – Sopron, Deák tér
Length: 40 km, light tour across flat terrain and bicycle paths.

The bicycle path runs past the Small and Big Pond Mill (Tómalom). Fertőrákos offers spectacular hill-top views of Lake Fertő. Moving on towards the border, one can pass by the Roman-period Mithraic sanctuary while crossing unnoticed over to Austria. Mörbischen (Fertőmeggyes) features a floating stage, while Rust offers views of storks and a chance to sample some lovely cool wine spritzers. On the way back, the Pan-European Picnic Monument Park is must-see site.

From Sopron by bicycle to the purple valleys in the feet of the Alps

: Sopron, Deák tér – Brennbergi út – Görbehalom, Pisztrángos lake – Hermesakna – Brennbergbánya – Hidegvíz valley – Ágfalva – Sopron, Deák tér
Length: 31 km, with moderate elevations, most of the distance leads along concrete woodland bicycle paths and a smaller share of low-traffic public roads.

Wander through the engaging landscape of the Sopron Mountains, along woodland paths and past quietly flowing streams. Rest on the shores of quaint fishing lakes with a refreshing draught from the cool, mountainous brooks. Experience the atmosphere of an old miner village in Brennbergbánya and take in the stunning views of the surroundings from the lookouts in the vicinity.

Castle tour by bicycle from Sopron to Castle Forchtenstein

Route: Sopron, Deák tér – Ágfalvi út – border crossing – Loipersbach (Lépesfalva) – Rohrbach (Fraknónádasd) – via the B30 bicycle path to Mattersburg (Nagymarton) – via the B32 bicycle path to Castle Forchtenstein (Fraknó) and back to Sopron, Deák tér
Length: 50 km, mostly with slight inclines, with the exception of the path leading up to the castle

A tour into the world of medieval castles. Most of the Burgenland landscape is a nature preserve with precious flora and fauna. Looming on the top of Rosalia mountain, Castle Forchtenstein can be seen from a distance. The medieval castle offers unforgettable experiences for adults and children alike.