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It’s worth coming to Sopron to recover

Jan. 10. 2020
It’s worth coming to Sopron to recover

Perhaps you’ve already heard that the Sopron hills, also known as the Lövér Hills, are an officially recognized climatic health resort.

This particular crystal-clear alpine air at a height of 214.5 metres, the proximity to the Alps, the subalpine climate, the gentle weather, the high number of sunshine hours and the ozone-rich air have a great effect on our health. There are many patients at the nearby sanatorium, yet we can be sure that the climate of the Lövér Hills also effects all healthy people as well, since who would say that they are never exhausted or tired?!

The climate of the Lövér Hills already greatly improves our physical and mental well-being and facilitates our regeneration by going outside and enjoying the fresh woodland air, walking, hiking, sun-bathing or napping amongst the trees as an aerial or solar cure. Yet have you considered that this effect can be multiplied by combining it with other remedies? Let us offer a few tips that can greatly contribute to preserving your health:

•    There’s no need to prove the health-preserving qualities of the Sopron Blaufrankisch wine. It improves the metabolism and circulation, brain functions and is even good for the skin and bones. A glass of Sopron wine is a must-have with meals, so it’s worth following our daily Lövér bottled wine offers.

•    For thousands of years, juice-fasting has been recognized as an important method of health-preservation. Many of our visitors come to Hotel Lövér for fasting cures, as fasting can have the greatest mentally and spiritually refreshing effect in a lovely woodland environment. A huge additional power is the fact that Sopron even has a climatic curative effect to boost the renewal process.

•    We have a tendency to neglect exercise in our day-to-day lives, therefore we recommend that you join the morning exercise routine during your stay at Sopron, go out to the forest for a walk, rent a bicycle and ask for some Nordic walking poles at the reception! Spend as much time as you can with active exercise in the ozone-rich alpine air and let it permeate You and all your cells with the revitalizing air!

•    A good night’s sleep is a blessing. Many of us deal with insomnia, resulting in little sleep and restlessness. We hope that you will share in the experience that many of our other guests have reporterd as in the middle of the forest, most people sleep better or even get their best sleep. You can sleep at night, after lunch or even after a walk or hike. Let your body rest and unwind…

•    Forest-baths as a form of stress relief. Whether you admit it or not, stress is the cause of most of our problems, therefore it’s worth seeking out methods that can release us from our accumulated stress. This includes, for example, the increasingly well-known Japanese therapeutic method of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, which is none other experiencing the curative forces of the forest. When walking through the Lövér Hills of Sorpron, taking deep breaths and admiring the spectacle of the trees, we can observe the smallest details and listen to the birds, while the forest takes an effect on us and the phytoncides or essential oils exuded by the forest have a curative effect on us.

A stay in Sopron should be prescribed as a cure as its features – climatic curative air, a good night’s sleep and the health-preserving qualities of the Blaufrankisch wine, the forest and some exercise – are sure to have a beneficial effect on your health regardless of your age. Here’s to your health!


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We kindly ask you to modify the time of your booking – we can still be reached via e-mail and telephone.

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