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Lövér tips for autumn hiking tours in the forest

Sep. 08. 2019
Lövér tips for autumn hiking tours in the forest

What lures us into the forest in the autumn? The myriad colours of the foliage or the crunch of the undergrowth? The golden tones of the sunshine glinting on the yellowish leaves?

Before the forest retreats for its winter slumber, it shares all its treasures with us, so it’s worth spending as much time as possible in nature. Admire the scintillating colours, fill your lungs with crisp, fresh air and get as much exercise as you like. Walking, jogging or hiking – whatever suits your fancy and physical condition. The diverse woodland landscape of the Lövérek Hills in Sopron prompts everyone to head outdoors, so don’t resist the temptation!

If you like discovering the forest in a group and feel safe with a tour guide, choose from our range of guided tours which provide woodland touring options without any additional fees:

  • Thursdays from 8:00 pm (5 pm from 4 November 2019): woodland stroll to the Sörházdomb lookout (approx. 1.5 hours and 1.5 km)
  • Saturdays from 10:00 am: woodland hiking to the Károly lookout (approx. 3 hours and 4.5 km) and 8:00 pm (5 pm from 4 November 2019): woodland stroll to the Sörházdomb lookout (approx. 1.5 hours and 1.5 km)
  • woodland tours and Nordic Walking tours on weekdays with the hotel’s sports animator at posted times

If you’re skilled woodland walkers and hikers, it’s worth studying the hiking map of the Sopron Mountains, identifying the trail markings and choosing a day-long hiking tour that suits your time and stamina. Upon closer study, it becomes immediately apparent that beyond the general trail markings, the Lövérek Hills also features stylized cyclamen and Fire Tower markings.

  • The former marks out the legendary Cyclamen nature trail, starting in front of Hotel Lövér and running nearly 10 km, all the way to the Brennbergbánya suburban district of Sopron. The landscape isn’t challenging at all and can be summarized in a single word as “diverse”. Apart from a range of various tree species, the tour features a lookout, Celtic ruins, springs, meadows and the Salamander Lake over a period of 3-4 hours and one can even take a local bus service from the suburban end point of the trail back to the parking lot of Hotel Lövér.
  • The Fire Tower is the official marking of the City walking trail, which we warmly recommend for all age groups. It offers a comfortable, light and quaint stroll – part of the trail has now received special night-time lighting. The trail starts from Hotel Lövér and runs for nearly 3300 meters along a fully developed walkway all the way to Ojtozi lane, thus returning to its starting point, featuring a woodland exercise court for those looking for active recreation, benches for those who wish to rest and a playground for the youngest adventurers.

Once we’re out in the forest, it’s important to perform conscious breathing exercises! The climatic, curative air has a great effect on the body, so it’s worth filling up your stores. Enjoy the air, the colours and take in the sights of the trees and the birdsong, thus unknowingly taking part in a stress-relieving woodland ‘bath’. Immerse yourself in the curative powers of the forest. May it bring health to all of us!


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