Post-fast refeeding

Jun. 23. 2017
Post-fast refeeding

The gradual return to meals after fasting should be done gradually and with care. Experiences show that it’s much harder to eat less than eat nothing during a fast.

-    The fast is broken with a lovely apple. The apple can be blanched or eaten raw. It’s important to eat slowly and thoroughly chew it with slow bites - it’s OK if you can’t eat the whole apple.

-    Soups with bits of vegetables should be eaten first, then steamed and raw vegetables, fruit, plain yoghurt and kephir, followed by lean cottage cheese and fish, eggs, lean meats, graham or rye bread.

-    The energy levels of the refeeding days should be gradually increased: 800-1000-1200 kcal should be achieved by the end of the first refeeding week. Eating too much too fast always leads to increasing the fat stores of the body.

-    Only eat when you’re hungry and pay attention to a sense of fullness. If you eat slowly and thoroughly chew the food, you can settle with less.

-    Don’t forget to drink an ample supply of liquids after the refeeding period.