Preparation tips

Jun. 23. 2017
Preparation tips

The preparations for fasting can be started at home, adopting the right mood weeks before the planned fasting at the hotel.

It all depends on your mental approach! The decision must be made and reinforced. Once you are mentally prepared, it is easier to prepare for the fasting.

-    Plan the time of the fasting well in advance! The period of waning after the full moon favours release and weight loss in the body. Mentally, the pre-Easter period of fasting and the pre-Christmas period of Advent are ideal, yet when adopting the right approach, fasting is possible throughout the year.

-    Read literature on fasting, and ask your friends and acquaintances of their experiences and gather information.

-    Try a single-day fast for a trial, and only eat fruit or rice and drink at least 2 litres of water or tea. Even a single day of fasting can do a lot for your metabolism.

-    There is no use of coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and sweets during the juice fast, and thus these stimulants should be gradually phased out during preparation.

-    Adapt your diet to fasting at least one week prior to the planned fast. Eat lighter meals and increasingly less food! Vegetarian diets are recommended with lots of vegetables, soups and liquids.