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Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food

Relax Salt Cave - a true adventure for everyone

Dec. 03. 2018
Relax Salt Cave - a true adventure for everyone

In the midst of our rushing, tension-filled, allergy-filled winter lives, especially pure experiences and therapies play an increasing role, where our bodily systems can rest in the most natural way.

A salt mine provides just such a pure, relaxing experience - it calms, cleanses, lulls us to sleep and charms us.  Let's recline on the comfortable resting beds where the salt surrounds us above, below, and to the sides.  We tuck ourselves in snugly, and close our eyes as nature’s soothing sounds creep into the cave, the beating waves and the sounds of the birds lull us to sleep, or at least into a half-dreaming state.

Let’s get to know the healing effects of the salt cave.
Salzberger Salt Cave was fashioned after a stalactite cave using natural Dead Sea and rock salts, built with a special technique, in which the healing power of color and sound experiences also play a role.  A unique micro-climate that is remarkably bacteria-free is predominant within the cave.  Full of minerals and benign organisms, at a permanent temperature of 20-22 degrees C, the air has a beneficial negative charge, it contains chemical elements that are important to the body’s systems, like iodine, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, selenium, and numerous other beneficial substances. The constantly evaporating and newly condensing salt creates a negative ionization that binds to the body’s harmful positive charges (electrosmog, tobacco smoke), resetting the body’s balances. 

Known for thousands of years but a long-since forgotten ancient healing method -- salt therapy -- is now made available by salt caves. It can help in treating several illnesses that are hard to cure with medicine, while also keeping us in good health. It’s specialty is that it combines the beneficial effects of salt with color and sound therapy: the built-in lighting uses the colors’ therapeutical effects, while the meditating music that can be heard during the treatment provides perfect relaxation and disconnection.

What are the positive effects of salt therapy?

 • Through inhalation, it helps in the lower and upper respiratory tract to reduce infection, clear mucus membranes and relieve cramping.
• Assists natural cleansing in the respiratory tract.
• Natural anti-histamine, reducing the severeness of allergy symptoms.
• Infection reduction, disinfection, use in healing several skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema).
• Protects the system from acidification, and helps in the normal distribution of body water.
• Essential for the nervous system, the functioning of the muscles, the electrical nerve impulses are impossible to create without salt.
• It has an important role in blood pressure regulation, maintaining the normal circulation status.
• It strengthens the immune system!
Enjoy the salt, color and sound therapies’ beneficial effects in Hotel Lövér’s sixth floor salt cave!