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Sauna Guide

Feb. 04. 2018
Sauna Guide

There’s a great deal of literature on proper sauna use, yet visitors to the sauna still ignore the rules. Perhaps they don’t know that bathing in hot air only has a beneficial effect when it’s done properly?

collected some of the most important information to preserve your health and enhance your well-being during your visits to the sauna:

1.    Don’t rush yourself and devote plenty of time to enjoying the sauna! You should provide 1 or 1 and a half hours for your body to cope with the great change in temperature, and plenty of time to rest and recuperate.

2.    Wash off your sweat, makeup and perfume before visiting the sauna and remove your jewelry and watches! Metallic jewelry can burn your skin.

3.    Wait at least 1.5 – 2 hours after your last meal before visiting the sauna, as digestion can take a toll on your body. At the same time, going through this intensive experience on an empty stomach can make you feel sick. Additionally, it’s not recommended to drink alcohol before and after the sauna ceremonies.

4.    Wearing swimsuits in the sauna is unhealthy – it’s not good for the skin under the fabric and synthetic materials can release toxins under high temperatures, not to mention the fact that it can ruin your swimsuit! There are many ways you can cover your body up in the sauna – with sauna sheets, towels or special clothing. See for yourself and you’ll experience the difference…

5.    Leave your slippers outside in front of the sauna!

6.    All visits to the sauna should start with a shower before thoroughly drying the skin, as moist skin can’t sweat!

7.    Make sure to bring a big sheet to the sauna – apart from the one you wrapped yourself in – which you can sit on and place under your feet. It’s a basic hygienic rule to absorb your sweat with your own towel.

8.    Visiting the sauna is a quiet pastime. It’s impossible to relax and unwind while listening to others chatting or giggling. Close your eyes, focus inward and pay attention to your breathing!

9.    Don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes in the sauna at once, since that’s plenty of time for your body. Instead, take 2-3 turns in the sauna and spend the same amount of time resting during the intervals.

10.    Take a cold shower after the hot sauna! Make sure you cool your body down gradually, starting with your extremities! Some also warn against using icy cold plunge pools in order to avoid any shock to the heart. It’s worth adopting a gradual approach – first take a cold shower and then slip into the plunge pool.

11.    Make sure to rehydrate the body after using the sauna and refrain from any active exercise or heavy meals for a while.