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The Buchinger method

Jun. 23. 2017
The Buchinger method

The fasting method takes its name from Dr. Otto Buchinger who lived in the early 20th century and was cured from a serious rheumatic disease by fasting.

The method is known, used and recognized all over the world.

The Buchinger fast consists of forgoing solid food and stimulants for a previously determined period of time, based on free will.  A precondition of the Buchinger method is for the person fasting to realize its importance and thus consciously and willingly take part in the fast.

The Buchinger fast consists of three phases. In the initial phase, the body and soul are prepared for the fast, followed by the fasting days and then the gradual return, the so-called refeeding phase, during which nutrients are gradually reintroduced to the diet. This period offers the opportunity to change previous bad dietary habits.

While fasting, the participant willingly forgoes eating and lives on his or her reserves. During the fast, the body first secretes accumulated harmful metabolites and toxins, followed by unhealthy, abnormal cells and finally, unnecessary substances such as body fat.

Fasting improves circulation; it makes use of fat reserves which cause overweight, thus decreasing body weight; it disencumbers the pancreas which stabilizes blood sugar levels; and it cuts back on and eliminates stress. It’s no coincidence that Buchinger referred to fasting as an operation without surgery.

Fasting method

-    intestinal cleansing, for example with Epsom salt
-    liver detoxification (warm liver packs, a few hours of rest after meals)
-    active exercise to protect the muscles
-    consuming 3 litres of liquids a day (for example, low sodium mineral water, herbal tea (naturally without sugar), and 20 ml of real fruit juice a day at the most, also without sugar)
-    one bowl of vegetable soup at noon and in the evening (strained or blended vegetable soup)
-    the fast lasts for 5-7 days (no longer than 10 days)
-    fasting days are followed by so-called refeeding days (for half the duration of the fast), restoring the body’s healthy nutrition, which doesn't take place overnight

Classic beverages of the Buchinger juice fast:

-    a quarter litre of tea in the morning and afternoon
-    a quarter litre of hot vegetable soup for lunch and dinner
-    a quarter litre of fruit juice, preferably freshly squeezed, in the morning
-    furthermore, two litres of mineral water (herbal tea in cold weather) or green/red/black tea for low blood pressure