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Useful tips for winter nature treks

Jan. 14. 2019
Useful tips for winter nature treks

Every year, the beauty of the winter forest lures people into nature, yet in such cases, it’s especially important to follow some useful advice in order to ensure the stroll or longer hiking trip would be smooth and free of accidents.

It’s not worth setting out without any preparations and it’s important to consciously prepare for such trips. We’d like to provide some assistance for such occasions by taking the following main factors into consideration:
One should only set out for a wintertime walk in the forest during the day and if possible, not alone! It’s not recommended for anyone to set out on the woodland paths in the evening, especially not with children, as the cold and darkness can put even experienced hikers to the test. It’s better to postpone such night-time woodland adventures for the warmer seasons!

It’s important to dress in a layered, warm fashion accompanied by warm, non-slip footwear. In deep snow, it can be useful to fasten a pair of gaiters over the tops of boots. A hiking pole can also prove to be a valuable asset for such trips. Take care of where you step – firmly planting your feet can reduce the chance of slipping and falling. When feeling uncertain, make sure to use hiking poles when setting out for a winter stroll in the forest!

Make sure to keep your mobile phone with you to call for assistance when needed. Don’t leave your map or GPS device at home either. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to take some extra batteries or a power bank with you when setting out. These mobile sources of electricity can be quickly depleted in cold weather. Keep the devices in a warm place, close to your body to keep them working for a longer period of time.

It’s important to place particular emphasis on the appropriate supply of food and liquids – the best choice is a thermos of hot tea, a few sandwiches or some high-calorie chocolate. Alcohol won’t warm the body and only helps to confuse your sense of heat, therefore it’s better to keep the pálinka or mulled wine at home as a treat after the trip!

It’s especially important to wear clothes appropriate to the cold weather. This includes warm, layered clothing, a hat, gloves and scarf – always take some extra warm clothes in your bag. A waterproof coat and pants (like ski wear) can also come in handy, especially in snowfall.

Another indispensable part of hiking equipment is a good quality, full-charged flashlight with a strong light, possibly with extra batteries.

The winter cold and wind can take a toll on the sensitive facial skin, even when spending just a short time outdoors. Therefore it’s worth applying some greasier hydrating cream on the face and hands before setting out and don’t forget to take some lip balm!

Perhaps the most important advice is for everyone to make sure they only go on hiking trips that suit their own abilities! Clean air is important and exercise is crucial, yet we must all be particularly careful in the winter when seeking a first-hand experience of the beauty of the winter nature.


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