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We can all use some exercise…

Feb. 10. 2020
We can all use some exercise…

Exercise is an important, healthy and joyous activity and whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we secretly know that a day mustn’t go by without some form of exercise.

Sebastian Kneipp, well-known German naturopath said that “if a machine is running for too long, while exposed to weather conditions, it will quickly become useless. The same is true of the human body.”

We know that exercise is simply indispensible for preserving our health. Its beneficial stress-relieving effect cannot be disputed and in fact, we can consider it to be a true source of joy. Doing sports releases hormones as natural pain suppressants and mood enhancers. Regular exercise is the best way to maintain the quality of our lives as not only does it strengthen the muscles performing the exercise, but also improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs, along with our circulation and thus our metabolism as well. It supplies our muscles with more oxygen, allowing them to function for a longer period of time without any pain. According to some researchers, an hour spent with exercise extends our lifespan by an hour! If this is true, we mustn’t spend a single day without exercise!

There’s no need to forgo the benefits of exercise during your stay in Sopron. Young or old, well-conditioned or less muscular, everyone can find the appropriate form of exercise and sports within the hotel or in the woodland area surrounding it.
However, let’s look at what Hotel Lövér has to offer so we could stay healthy and happy after a day of exercise:
-    group exercise activities several times a day: morning workout (outdoors in the park in good weather or in the fitness gym in the case of bad weather), aquatic gymnastics in the morning and afternoon
-    fitness gyms equipped with modern machines with cardio and strength-building machines, so you wouldn’t have to give up on your daily workout at the hotel
-    guided woodland walking tours with a hotel animator every morning (except Sundays)
-    woodland jogging with a hotel animator twice a week
-    free, rentable Nordic Walking poles for woodland strolls
-    bicycles that can be rented for a fee for longer or shorter cycling tours
-    table tennis facilities and championships hosted by the hotel animator

The Lövér Hills of Sopron are a pleasant destination for all enthusiasts of exercising. Just think of the designated running paths, the woodland exercise court close to the hotel or the hiking routes in the nearby forest. It is definitely a sporting activity to complete the 8 km-long Cyclamen nature trail, walking every day to the Károly lookout or choosing a harder route. As a senior citizen, it is a source of exercise, joy and even recreation to go for a pleasant woodland stroll twice a day along the shady forest lanes, replenishing your stores of curative alpine air.

The goal is not to be lazy enough not to set out! Here’s to your health!