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Wellness in the middle of the forest

Dec. 02. 2019
Wellness in the middle of the forest

Hotel Lövér is often referred to as a forest wellness hotel but, although the hotel does offer all opportunities for relaxation in nature in the middle of the Lövér pine forest, it also provides a wide spectrum of services for the lovers of traditional wellness.

Our guests will find our wellness islands on Floors -1 and 6. Let’s take a closer look at the best wellness options offered by Hotel Lövér:

•    Pools: There’s no wellness without water. That’s a safe assumption to make. It is an essential element for all of us not just because most of our body is made up of water but also because nothing can relax and refresh us the way water does. Lövér offers the water wellness options of a pleasant jacuzzi and a small pool while Floor 6 welcomes you with tub bath and Kneipp therapies with cold and hot water.

•    Saunas: Lövér has classic Finnish, mild infra and private saunas, so you can select your preferred sweating methods and rooms. The benefits of sauna cannot be fully utilized unless you follow the basic sauna rules such as: don’t bring in your slippers, jewellery and mobile phone, and wrap yourself in a sauna sheet rather than a nylon bathing suit.

•    Massages: You may find it worthwhile to study Lövér’s massage service list as you can enjoy a wide range of choice from classic back massage to Thai massage. You can even select the kind of oil your massage therapist is going to use. Our big favourite is grape seed oil but you could consider Dead Sea salt or mud options, too.

•    Packs: Ladies particularly like booking mud pack therapy for skin beauty treatments and Lövér has various kinds of precious active ingredients to offer, including Dead Sea mud as well as herbal gel packs. The pampering treatments do their magic on you from head to toe while you can completely relax and even doze off.

•    Wellness therapy for the hands and feet Although classic manicure and pedicure services are also available in Lövér, this time it’s something different: real pampering spa treatment in paraffin, with massages.

•    Beauty treatments: When should you do it if not during your holiday? And what method to use other than the Kaviczky therapy and its magnificent services with Hungarian mud from Hévíz? Treatment durations vary from 20 minutes to one hour. One therapy brings more spectacular results than the other, so this short hour on the top of Löver is a quality me-time for everyone.

•    Salt cave: Relaxation, meditation and health in a cool room where your eyes close on the sounds of nature. You shouldn’t miss it as it has multiple benefits for the body and the soul, too. Applied as a therapy on a daily basis, it’s even effective against allergies.

•    Exercise: There’s no wellness without exercise! Beside the walks in the forest, Lövér also offers fitness machines for your daily exercise needs. You can also join the group sessions which are held several times a day both on land and in water, and even in the hotel’s park if the weather is fine. The workout will benefit your body and you’re guaranteed to have good laughs, too!

Lifestyle changers will also find what they need in Lövér. Have you decided to take better care of yourself from now on? To relax more, exercise more and eat less cookies? If you want to change your lifestyle, the best idea is to start it in a new environment instead of your home. Believe us, we know what we’re talking about! The daily rush and the conditions at home do not help those who want to change for a healthier lifestyle. However, if you decide to come to Lövér, a liquid fast may help to trigger the necessary changes in you. You’ve got nothing to lose other than your excess pounds! The hotel’s 7-night fasting diet has helped many guests set out on their journey to weight loss and physical-mental detoxification. In addition to herbal teas, fasting soups, freshly-squeezed fruit juices and mineral water, the programme also offers daily massages and an exercise regimen to assist you in the process. Time to get reborn in Lövér!