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Under the age of 12 free accommodation and food

Why fast?

Jun. 23. 2017
Why fast?

Fasting is a religious practice and naturopathic method. It is a wonderful ancient ritual of physical and mental rebirth, a retreat from the clamour of the world, willingly forsaking certain foodstuffs thanks to which your body may rest, recover, regenerate and practically revitalize itself.

According to Hippocrates, “hunger has a profound effect on man and can be considered as the means to recovery”. Regular fasting and purging cures can enhance the quality of your life.
Fasting has multiple purposes for the modern man:
-    breaking down unnecessary stores accumulated in the body over the years
-    cleansing the organs, cells and bodily fluids, decomposing pathological metabolites
-    regenerating the body, the soul and mental facilities. The main purpose of fasting is not weight loss, but rather disposing the excess; for example, excess weight, high blood and blood sugar levels, etc. The cure is not about starving - anyone experiencing hunger is doing something wrong.
-    Fasting clears the mind! Not only does it cleanse the body, it frees the mind as well. Cutting off nourishment enhances the effect of serotonin - the happy hormone - in the brain. Many who undergo fasting experience euphoric feelings after the first few more challenging days, which entails a burst of energy and pure thinking.
As a natural way of prevention, fasting cures help even the healthy to prevent the development of diseases of civilization such as
-    overweight
-    spring fatigue
-    high blood pressure
-    exhaustion
-    migraines, headaches
-    gout
-    stressful lifestyles