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Why Sopron?

Jun. 23. 2017
Why Sopron?

Fasting can only be truly experienced in a calm, natural setting.

The gorgeous untouched beauty of the woodland surroundings of the Sopron Lövérs facilitates retreat whilst the wide range of wellness services at the hotel provide you with engaging activities, from exercise to relaxation or massages.

Wonderul woodland surroundings, curative climatic air
-    Hotel Lövér is an island of peace and quiet set in lush green surroundings in the heart of the Sopron Mountains. A nature reserve with a unique alpine climate which is ideal for outdoor activities as well as detoxifying juice fasting.

Flexibility on all levels

-    Hotel Lövér is perfect for fasting all year round, with the exception of holiday periods.
-    You can visit every day of the week
-    The basic cure is 7 nights long, which can be extended or even doubled to suit Your needs.
-    We have no organized group fasting, yet you won’t be alone, since you will simultaneously be joined by 5-15 other fasting guests.

Professional experience

-    Our hotel provides medical supervision and you can rely on the decades’ worth of experience of our staff!

Wellness pampering

-    We offer everything needed for proper, light fasting - hot saunas, jacuzzi, fitness gym, exercise programs, yoga, woodland strolls, Nordic Walking, cosmetics, bodyshaping treatments, as well as refreshing and relaxing massages.