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Winter activity ideas for senior citizens

Jan. 14. 2019
Winter activity ideas for senior citizens

It’s a commonly known fact the members of the older generations love peace, quiet and harmony, yet also good company and a cheerful atmosphere.

Well, Hotel Lövér offers both for those over the age of 55 on the weekdays of the winter months once they say yes to the hotel’s five-star senior recreation program from Sunday through Friday.

What can a senior citizen do in the Lövér Hills of Sopron for five days? Do you really want to know everything? There’s practically no limit to the various activities and possibilities of spending time, so let’s go over some of the options:

Healthy woodland strolls: depending on the weather, the cold and the snow, a daily – or even more frequent – stroll through the woodlands surrounding the hotel, or its vicinity, is simply a must. Just pick the most comfortable, safest of least snow-covered or slippery woodland path. Visit the tree-lined Ojtozi lane and stroll along the sidewalks while taking in the crystal-clear alpine, medicinal air. Don’t forget to bring some warm, layered clothing, non-slip footwear and hiking rods!

Aquatic pastimes: We all know that water can aid relaxation, regeneration and revitalization especially when exercising in it. The hotel’s daily aquatic workout provides for the gentle exercising of the limbs and muscles, not to mention that the activities have a great atmosphere and are filled with lots of fun and laughter which make it a great way to develop friendships. Let’s not forget about the Jacuzzis after the workout, as the pleasant bubbles and gentle water jets are sure to provide perfect relaxation. Naturally, swimming is also of primary importance and the colder temperature pools can help wash away your sleepiness and exhaustion after a few laps.

Thematic strolls in Sopron: our thematic, guided city walks have much to offer for seniors with an interest in history and culture – the Tourinform and Tűztorony information point can provide more information on the times and details of the walks. The city of Sopron offers six different thematic walks, all of which depart from the Tűztorony information point:

•    Classic downtown walk – featuring a summary of the main sites of the city centre, including the Main Square, Tűztorony, downtown streets and Várfal promenade.

•    Sopron, the most faithful town – a travel through time to the past of Sopron, the time of ascension to the rank of a free royal city with highlights on the themes of the referendum and the Pan-European Picnic.

•    Sacred Sopron – the walk leads through the religious sites of downtown Sopron and its immediate vicinity, with insights into the past of the city and the impressive multitude of memorials.

•    The world of poncichter vintners – the walk focuses on the wine-growing, oenology past of the city, including the former Wirtschaftsbürger district, the Buschenschank and the legend of Blaufränkisch wine from the Napoleon era.

•    Fairy Trail – the trail leads through the green areas, parks and gardens of the city centre, covering it all with a hint of fairy dust.

•    The depths of the pine forests of Sopron – the Lövér Hills are one of the most beautiful regions of the Sopron Mountains, just on the outskirts of the city. The walk focuses on discovering the climatic health resort of the Lower and Upper Lövér Hills.

Evening theatre and concert performances in Sopron: a good theatre or musical performance can prove to be a lasting experience, so it’s worth browsing the cultural events on offer during a stay in Sopron. The Petőfi Theatre of Sopron offers superb productions on several nights of the week through the winter months with ongoing rehearsals of the new, spectacular premiere of the Sopron Ballet entitled Swing and Tango, debuting in February. Passionate, stirring melodies, Hungarian, Brazilian and Russian dancers – an event not to be missed!

Card and chess games in the lobby: join our beloved senior community focused on shared play time! This cheerful group of teasing seniors fills the spacious lobby with laughter in practically all times of the day. The cards are shuffled as the fires roar in the fireplace, while sipping some hot tea or delicious creamy coffee, playing and enjoying each other’s company – who could ask for more?