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Winter fun in Sopron

Dec. 02. 2019
Winter fun in Sopron

After December’s candle-lit festivities, January greets us with its long, dark evenings. At times like this, the best idea is to leave your home for a while and start the new year with some relaxation.

We need to take a rest after the December rush, the big family meals and clear our minds. We go on forest walks because the fresh air and nature’s dream-filled silence can help us to put our thoughts in order and revitalize our bodies after all the cookies and heavy meals.

Many people dislike winter because it’s cold, the roads are slippery or there’s no sunshine. What if, instead of excuses, we could just find the joy in winter?

If the winter forest is covered in snow, and the sun is shining too, let’s put on our boots and head straight to the forest!  The forest paths are easy to walk, the fresh green moss on the tree trunks and the large rocks offer a great sight while the crystal clear Alpine air cleans us of the the daily stress from head to toe. Many people travel to the nearby Alps to ski but it’s also a good idea to take out your sled and skates.

By the way, did you know that Sopron has a skating rink, too? In fact, there’s even a sled course on the hillside, and the nearest ski slopes are just an hour away.

If you prefer the atmosphere of the cobble-stoned streets, you should check out Sopron’s old town district rich in historical sights and cosy cafés. Visit the quiet churches, climb up the Fire Tower, take a look at the museums and get a taste of the finest wines and the creamiest pies you can get in the home of Blue Franc grapes. Let this be a real slow, leisurely walk and a contemplative sightseeing tour where your curious eyes can discover the memories of old times as well as the beauty of buildings and statues. Don’t forget: you’re in one of the most beautiful cities of Hungary!

The walk in the forest or the city can be followed by the warming experiences in the hotel.

Let’s begin with a cup of aromatic mulled wine or fine lemon green tea that you can sip by the fireplace, in Lövér’s lobby, of course!

Your next programme is one of the world’s healthiest types of sweating: sauna. Finnish or infra, common or private, whichever you prefer.

The same applies to the hotel’s group exercise sessions, which are a lot of fun for everyone even in the cold winter. Water and land gymnastics are offered twice a day, the latter being held outdoors if the weather is fine.

If you look at the wellness centre’s list of services on the 6th floor, you will see beauty treatments and a salt cave winking at you and, believe us, you shouldn’t resist: a little pampering wellness programme is a good idea during your holiday in Sopron, too.

There’s no shortage of culinary delights, either: Hotel Lövér’s extended half-board package offers include a rich buffet breakfast, a soup lunch, a buffet dinner or a combined 4-course and buffet dinner with truly home-made, delicious meals to make you happy in the middle of the Sopron forest in the winter.