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Culinary weekends

A Taste of Spring

At this time, we are looking forward to seeing tasty and colourful vegetables on our plate! Crunchy radishes, young bear garlic (ramps), garlicky spinach, bright green asparagus spears and vitamin rich scallions... Spring hums around the buffet table, too!

Greek Evening

Light, healthy and tasty. The colourful flavours of Greek cuisine do not have to be introduced - olives, tzatziki, all sorts of seafood, zucchini, tomatoes, Greek yogurt, gyros, salads and legumes. A Greek dinner is the highlight of the day!

Italian Evening

Dolce vita (sweet life) on a plate! Italian cuisine is irresistible. Just think of pizza, lasagna, delicious appetizers, hair-thin slices of ham, grated Parmesan, fruits of the sea and ice cream. A culinary experience at its best!

Grill Party

The summer hit! Chicken, pork, fish and vegetables are thrown on the barbeque and spicey aromas fill the air. A little salad and a glass of Sopron wine, and the summer mood on the terrace is complete. Not to be missed...

Harvest Poncichter Days

Those who go to Sopron cannot miss out on tasting the special, traditional dishes of the former German-speaking Sopron vineyard owners, the  Poncichters. The Poncichters cultivated beans between the grapevines, which they then turned into almost everything; including soups, stews,ragouts, dumplings, strudel,  flat breads and bisquits. They prepared simple and filling dishes. Besides the beans and grapes, cabbage, plums, cottage cheese, mushrooms, smoked meats and garlic found their way to the table. However, their favourite dishes were babsterc and bean dumplings. Try these authentic dishes, including the smoked-boiled spare-ribs in tomato sauce with bean dumplings ...

Bavarian Festival

Fried sausages, cabbage, pork chops, dumplings, beer, pretzels ... When talking about Bavarian cuisine, these famous Bavarian dishes come to mind. Crackling meat dishes, huge, delicious dumplings and white sausages accompanied by one (or more) large pints of beautiful foaming beer. Now you can be part of the Bavarian culinary experience in the Lövér's restaurant complemented by excellent Sopron beer!

Goose Days

If it's November, then that means St. Martin's Day, legends and geese. In this case, we are able to eat goose with goose - goose soup, goose porridge, goose liver and goose leg. We have good news for lovers of goose meat - on St. Martin's Day, goose is also featured on the Lövér's restaurant menu. Tasteful, crispy, appetizing, with the most popular goose specialties. Simply not to be missed ...

"Favourites" Selection - the Best of Lövér

Everyone has their favourite dishes, even hotels! Would you like to get to know and taste the favourite dishes of the chef and his team? The dishes which are most frequently prepared for the guests of Hotel Lövér? Trust me, you won't be disappointed in our selection!

Wild Game Weekend

Consuming meat from wild game is purely a feudal feeling. It reminds us of our historical roots, our ancient rulers and our traditional Hungarian cuisine. Special flavours  characterise these gourmet delicacies, such as the softly crumbling, spicy and deliciously seasoned deer or wild boar roasts; stews; cuts of meat; and ragout soups. Game is very healthy and you can eat it with gusto. Sample all the specialties adorning the buffet table.

Pork Evening

With the advent of frosty winter weather we consume nutritious foods that warm us up and give us energy. Black pudding, sausages, pressed black pudding, stuffed cabbage and liver. Most of the pig killings are held during this season, which is why fresh pork dishes are the basis for the Pork Evening. Spicy and delicious, they contain all the devilishness of Hungarian village traditions. You can really love these flavours!

The price of the dinner for non-hotel guests is 3900 HUF/person. Parking is free of charge. Reservations are required: Tel: 99/888-400 or  E-mail:

Our chef Zsolt Major and his team make delicious food. Our chef's work was awarded a silver medal in the World Chef's Championships in Luxembourg in 1998, and won gold at the Basel Mundial in 1999. He was also a member of the silver winning team of Hungarian chefs at the Chef Olympics in Erfurt.