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House Rules for Dogs and Pet Owners

House Rules for Dogs and Pet Owners

1. Dogs should be supervised by a person capable of restraining the animal;
2. Large dogs must be kept on a leash and fitted with a muzzle in common guest spaces (including the parking lot and leisure park);
3. Dogs are not permitted in the restaurant, swimming pool area, fitness room or the 6th floor Wellness & Beauty Centre;
4. Please feed and water your dog in less busy parts of the hotel lobby or on the terrace;
5. It is not advisable to leave a dog on the balcony or in the room alone for long periods of time. If you must leave your dog alone in the room for a short time, please place the “dog card” on the doorknob before leaving;
6. The room may only be cleaned if the dog is not present. Using the “dog card,” please indicate if the dog is in the room or if the room is empty;
7. Dogs are prohibited from entering the hotel’s fenced park or children’s playground. If possible, please walk your dog in less frequented grassy areas and during less busy times of the day; and
8. Please lead your pet to areas well away from the hotel building and to forested areas to take care of its needs, and ABSOLUTELY NOT to the leisure park or other landscaped spaces.

The above rules have been established in order to ensure uninterrupted relaxation, health and physical protection for both our guests and dogs, as well as to prevent damages to the facilities.

Thank you for your understanding!


Dear Guest,

I hereby inform You that as of 23 March 2020, due to the worldwide coronavirus epidemic – as an establishment under our management – Hotel Lövér has suspended its hospitality operations and is temporarily shutting down, hopefully until 3 May 2020!Therefore, we are unable to fulfil our commitments for this period.

We kindly ask you to modify the time of your booking – we can still be reached via e-mail and telephone.

Feel free to seek us out so we could open our doors to guests once the emergency has ended.

Please take the recommended precautionary measures seriously and take care of yourself, so we could collectively stop the spread of the virus and meet again as soon as possible!

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


In the name of our employees,

Mária Bartha and György Bartha