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Lövér breakfast

Our morning breakfast buffet allows everyone to compile their own breakfast..

Those looking for hot dishes can choose from three different egg dishes, frankfurters, fried sausages, French toast, steamed vegetables and French fries, as well as the popular cream of wheat.

Warm and cold milk is also available for muesli and breakfast cereals, as well as five different types of cold-cuts and two types of cheese which are perfect for a classic sandwich, along with five different types of bread and pastries.

There is also a wide selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, alongside peach and sour cherry compote.

Plain and fruit yogurt, feta cheese and cottage cheese are also available for a kingly breakfast, not to mention crispy mini swirls and soft sponge cake.

Fresh toast lovers can also choose from a selection of real butter and delicious jams.

Our list of morning beverages includes fruit juices and a selection of tea alongside a coffee maker.

Have breakfast fit for a king at Hotel Lövér and don't forget, the selection is up to you...